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Buy low carb pork rinds and pork skins direct from the manufacturer. 

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We are proud to offer you our fresh cooked pork rind products directly from our manufacturing plant in Henderson, North Carolina. Why buy from the store when you can get fresh fried pork rinds direct. Our pork rinds are cooked weekly without these additives and are shipped directly to you. Our pork rind ingredients are sourced right here in North Carolina




Sweet & Mild BBQ


Salt & Vinegar

Fried pork rinds also known as pork skins are a traditional snack in the South. They offer a crunchy texture with less than 1g of carbohydrates per serving. What's even better is the 9g of protein in a serving. Pork rinds are an excellent plain or as a "chip" for your favorite dips and you will want to make them a part of your low carbohydrate diet. Check out our pork rind recipes to get some additional ways to serve our fresh pork rinds.

Another variety of fried pork rinds we offer is our popcorn cracklins.



Sweet & Mild BBQ

Red Pepper Seasoning

Salt & Vinegar


Sometimes you just want to crunch on a tasty low carbohydrate snack while watching TV. Our Fried Pork Rind Popcorn Cracklins  is the right snack for those occasions. We cook these small tender pork skins to a crunchy consistency and package them each week for you to enjoy. Customers  who take them in the office find their co-workers are surprised with just how good a low carbohydrate snack can be. Of course you will want to make sure they purchase their own popcorn cracklins.

Pork Rinds are offered in a variety of crunch!

Popcorn Cracklins is a new pork rind product. In fact we are the only source for pork rind "Popcorn Cracklins" These are crunchy bite size pork skins flavored with one of our top selling pork rind seasonings. Pork rinds are a low carbohydrate snack product with 18g protein, 9g fat and less than 1g carbohydrates (with no sugar seasonings). One of my favorite pork rind snacks is out sweet and mild popcorn cracklins.

Pork Skin Strips are very hard crunchy strips offered plain or with our red pepper pork rind seasoning. Pork rind strips is a low carb snack with the same protein, fat and carbs as the popcorn cracklins. Our best seller in this category is the Red Pepper pork skin strips. I do like these but be careful when chewing this style of pork rind since they can be very hard.

Traditional Pork Rinds are puffed pork skins snack that are offered in a variety of seasonings. Plain, Sweet & Mild, Salt & Vinegar, and Hot BBQ pork skins. This is a low carbohydrate product with 8g protein, 4.5g fat and less than 1g carbohydrates (contains 2g sugar). If you are trying to reduce your carbs, I suggest you try one of our traditional pork rind chips with your favorite dips. Pork rinds have all the crunch but not the carbs contained in chips.

Pork Rind Cracklings are smaller crisp and crunchy pork skins. Porkrinds  are a low carbohydrate product. Pork rind cracklins have a small thin layer of fat attached to the pork rind. While the fat content in these pork rinds may be slightly higher, they still have very low carbs.

Fat Back Pork Rinds  are crunchy fried pork skins with some fat left attached. Porkrind fat back is still a low carbohydrate product. For me the additional fat in these pork rinds fill me up faster.


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Pork rinds and pork skins are a great low carb snack. We cook our pork skins daily. 





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At Carolina Country Snacks we cook our pork rinds and pork skins daily. We use only the best pork skins cut according to our product specifications. Traditional pork rinds are light and puffy but our pork rind strips and popcorn cracklins are processed to make the texture very crunchy.  It is difficult to find a low carb or no carb  snack food that satisfies your hunger. Just how many carbs are in our low carbohydrate products... the answer is less than 1%.  Many of our customers are on the Atkins diet and have indicated how helpful our pork skin snacks have been in working toward their goals. Pork rinds are an excellent between meal or party snack. Many of our customers are including pork rinds in their favorite recipes. Please view our low carb recipes page and we invite you to share your recipes with us. Regardless of how you use pork rinds the key is to just enjoy them!


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